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Dawn Farm Addiction and Recovery Education Series

Nov 26, 2014

Collegiate Recovery Programs: Supporting Second Chances” was presented on Tuesday November 25, 2014; by Mary Jo Desprez, MA; Director, Wolverine Wellness, University Health Service, University of Michigan; and Matthew Statman, LMSW, CAADC; University of Michigan Collegiate Recovery Program Manager. The transition to a college environment can pose significant risk to a recovering student. Many colleges/universities – including University of Michigan - have developed programs to help recovering students maintain their recovery, excel academically and have a normative college experience apart from the culture of drinking/drug use. Collegiate Recovery Programs provide a supportive community where students in recovery can succeed academically while enjoying a genuine college experience, free from alcohol and other drugs. Research demonstrates exceptionally high rates of academic success and sustained recovery among students who participate in collegiate recovery programs. This presentation will provide an overview of the national and local efforts to build recovery support programs on college campuses, describe how collegiate recovery programs support students and provide information about what parents and students can look for as they explore their options for pursuing a degree of higher education. 

This audio recording includes the audio component of a video created by the University of Michigan Collegiate Recovery Program. It is included with permission of the University of Michigan Collegiate Recovery Program manager. 

This program is part of the Dawn Farm Education Series, a FREE, annual workshop series developed to provide accurate, helpful, hopeful, practical, current information about chemical dependency, recovery, family and related issues.  The Education Series is organized by Dawn Farm, a non-profit community of programs providing a continuum of chemical dependency services. For information, please see”