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Dawn Farm Addiction and Recovery Education Series

Dec 2, 2010

"Suicide and Recovery from Addiction" was presented on Tuesday November 30, 2010; by Michelle Rose Armstrong , MA, LLP, and Michael B. Murphy, MA, LMSW (Members of Washtenaw Alive, a suicide prevention community collaboration.) This program teaches participants to be alert to the signs of suicidal thinking among individuals in recovery. It will help participants learn to recognize the signs of suicidal thinking, learn how to reach out and offer support, know how to reach out and ask for help when suicidal thoughts are present, and be aware of local and national suicide prevention and intervention resources and how to access these resources. This program is part of the Dawn Farm Education Series, a FREE, annual workshop series developed to provide accurate, helpful, hopeful, practical, current information about chemical dependency, recovery, family and related issues.  The Education Series is organized by Dawn Farm, a non-profit community of programs providing a continuum of chemical dependency services. For information, please see